Maplestory: Secret Story translation- Freud and Afrien’s farewell

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Warning: Bad translation, bad grammar, British spelling.

There was a Dragon Master.

He managed to escape the curse that affected all his companions. Beside him, there was his faithful partner.
“Are you conscious?”
In his ear, there was a voice he was used to. How long was he unconscious for?
His surroundings were covered in flames, but strangely there was a cold feeling. When he looked up, it was snowing.
The white blessing became a cold tear when it touched his cheek. Our battle was definitely…

“Ha… Haaaa… Seeing that my life is stuck on to my body, it seems like Luminous finished well? But Afrien, it appears that you have broken my promise”
“What promise are you talking about?”
“Feigning innocence are we. I definitely told you not to sacrifice yourself for me.”
“I am the king of Onyx dragons. I only did what was needed for the last onyx dragon, I don’t believe I have sacrificed my life only for you.”
“You are my master; you have made an eternal bond with me. Therefore you don’t have to be so sad (I can’t see very well…), because we will not be separated forever…

Seeing Afrien beginning to freeze from the curse he was supposed to receive made him feel sad.
But he had something to do. Afrien requested him to do so, in order for Afrien to not regret his decisions.

The warmth that had always protected him was slowly fading. Carefully he placed his hand on the dragon.
“It’s warm”
It would have been better if hand was bigger, but seeing Afrien respond lightly to his small warmth, as if he’s happy, made him feel guilty.

“Now, it’s my turn to keep the promise. I will surely inherit your will.”
“Yes, that will surely later come as a hope. Take care of it.”
“Yes, don’t worry and have a good rest, until the day we meet again.”
“Then….Sorry but I will have to sleep now. Stay well, my partner…”

That said, the dragon fell asleep in the cold ice. He looked peaceful. The magician was sorrowful but he didn’t stop.

“You have left me a difficult homework, Afrien.”
After keeping the memory of the last remaining onyx dragon to his heart, he walked in a steady pace and disappeared, in order to grow the little hope left for the world.

This was a very long time ago… This was a story from when Maple world’s Ossyria continent and Victoria Island was one. At that time, there were 3 beings with incredible powers.
The first one is the Goddess Rhinne who is responsible for time; the second is the Black Mage who battled the light, and the last one was the world maker(????) that controlled life- the balance that the presence of these three beings created kept peace in Maple world.

However from one side of this powerful triforce* started to slowly break down.
The dark started on a stampede. The Black Mage could not stand the power of light, so he became a dark terror (I really can’t see here- sorry, another bright section). He desired to have the entire Maple world in his hands. No, he wanted to destroy Maple world. The distortion started from his terror changed the world.

Now the world… divided into two.


* I guess this is the best explanation. I like Zelda games.

Some images don’t show on my laptop :( such a shame; I wanted to translate a lot more.

Thank you for reading~

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